Microsoft SQL Azure pricing reduced

As discussed in our ChicagoAzure user group meeting yesterday.  Microsoft just slashed its SQL Azure pricing by up to 75% and introduced a new Windows SQL Azure 100 MB option for smaller databases.

The chart below provides a side-by-side comparison of the cost savings as cloud deployments grow and database sizes increase.

GB Previous Pricing New Pricing New Price/GB Total % Decrease
5 $49.95 $25.99 $5.20 48%
10 $99.99 $45.99 $4.60 54%
25 $299.97 $75.99 $3.04 75%
50 $499.95* $125.99 $2.52 75%
100 $499.95 * $175.99 $1.76 65%
150 $499.95* $225.99 $1.51 55%

*Previous prices 50GB and larger reflect price cap of $499.95 announced December 12, 2011.

About Cloud 9 Infosystems

Cloud 9 Infosystems is an Azure Circle Partner specializing in building, migrating and managing applications in Cloud. We were awarded the Most Valuable Partner Award by Microsoft for our Cloud services. We are also part of Azure insider club and P-seller program at Microsoft.
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