Use the Cloud to help people in need

In this holiday time, peoples’ thoughts turn to helping those less fortunate. If you’re a charity, helping people is your business all year round, and every dollar spent on computing infrastructure is a dollar taken away from those you’re trying to help. That’s why, increasingly, charities and nonprofits are turning away from expensive on-premises solutions and moving to the cloud.

Take Minnesota-based RREAL, the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance, which helps low-income households receive the advantages of solar power.

As their business grew, RREAL needed ways to track new customers, to manage their manufacturing, and to collaborate without incurring the costs and overhead of expensive infrastructure. Azure-based Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM along with Office 365 met these needs. And with Dynamics’ Business Analyzer they track KPI’s, and with PowerBI they have a have real-time dashboard.

The result: they have cut installation time by over 50 percent: more people get cheap, renewable power faster.

About Cloud 9 Infosystems

Cloud 9 Infosystems is an Azure Circle Partner specializing in building, migrating and managing applications in Cloud. We were awarded the Most Valuable Partner Award by Microsoft for our Cloud services. We are also part of Azure insider club and P-seller program at Microsoft.
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