Four stages based on overall “Data Platform Maturity”

As per a research by Keystone Strategy Group, enterprises are split into four stages based on overall Data Platform maturity.

  1. In most basic stage, companies are only starting to generate benefits from data and use it reactively.
  2. Going forward organization begin to use data more in informative way to support business and improve processes
  3. They then utilize predictive capabilities to lead decision making.
  4. In the final stage data becomes a transformation force, driving the business and creating new value.



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New feature in “Azure Analysis Services preview”

Azure Analysis Services preview brings the ability to scale up and down the capacity of the server after it has been created.

Click here to learn more about this new feature..

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Azure Backup Server now supports VMware Backup!

Microsoft recently added support for protecting VMware virtual machines (VMs) using Azure Backup Server, and storing your backups of these VM in Azure for long-term retention.

Click here to read more..

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Why Cloud Migration Is Still a Work in Progress

Despite the seemingly ubiquitous presence of the cloud, many organizations are still in a transitional stage when it comes to cloud adoption, according to a recent survey from Unisys. The accompanying report, titled “Trends in Hybrid Cloud Computing,” indicates that most companies are planning for a private or public cloud migration (with most favoring the private cloud). As a result, they want to replace end-of-life technology while reducing costs and increasing capacity on demand. However, most organizations are still keeping mission-critical apps and storage tools on-premise, with many citing security in the cloud as a leading concern. “Far-sighted (executives) have a clear view of the competitive, operational and economic benefits of cloud computing, and are taking energetic action to realize them for their organizations,” said Steve Nunn, vice president of cloud and infrastructure services for Unisys. “At the same time, those decision-makers are clear-eyed about the need to secure both existing IT and new cloud resources in order to protect vital business assets.” More than 200 IT and business execs took part in the research, which was conducted by Gatepoint Research – See more at:

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Now Hiring: Dynamics Nav Functional Consultant

Cloud 9 is now hiring! Join our team. We have an immediate opening for a Dynamics Nav Functional Consultant. Read more below, or visit the Indeed job posting to apply.

NAV Functional Consultant

A great opportunity for an experienced NAV Functional Consultant. This position is based in the Chicagoland area. This is a contract position and remote work options provided for the right candidate.
• Provides on-going support for project
• Works closely with Developers, Navision Business Analyst, and Project Manager
• Creates functional specifications for Navision applications Assessing company needs for full data migration and provide support at all levels
• Helps with the upgrade
• Analyzes the needs of the business and strengthen the existing MS Dynamics NAV / Navision system
• Experience with core business processes around Financials, Manufacturing, Distribution
• Experience with integration tools and 3rd party add on modules a plus
• Prior experience developing functional and technical specifications for Microsoft Dynamics NAV enhancements and integrations
• 5+ years of experience in running implementations of Dynamics NAV / Navision to perform consulting services for clients
• 4 year degree in business or accounting; CPA a plus
• Experience with NAV 2009 Role Tailor Client/NAV 2013

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Now Hiring: System Administrator – Managed Services

Cloud 9 is now hiring! Join our team. We have an immediate opening for a System Administrator – Managed Services. Read more below, or visit the Indeed job posting to apply.

System Administrator – Managed Services

• Participates as technical expert in design, development, configuration, testing and debugging of new or upgraded hardware and software
• Strong knowledge and skills related to:
o The Windows desktop for end-users and associated applications (Office, Outlook, etc.)
o Windows servers (Domains, Exchange, Active Directory, etc.)
o Linux server environment
o TCP/IP networks and related functions (routing, switches, firewalls, VPNs)
• Experience maintaining servers in a virtualized environment (VMWare, AWS)
• Monitors security compliance and is responsible for data integrity and migration plans
• Adheres to policies, best practices, and workflow documents and provides the IT management team with recommendations for process improvements
• Experience working in custom reporting systems
• Assists in developing IT policies and standards, hardware standards and disaster recovery planning and documentation for server environment
• Automation scripts to automate operations
• Plans, installs and tests servers, personal computer and laptop operating systems, hardware, and related peripherals.
• Installs new network equipment and troubleshoots existing network equipment.
• Assists in computer network administration including such items as establishing and maintaining network addresses, disk allocation, and backup procedures.
• Maintains documentation of computer configurations, software licensing and hardware status
• Minimum 3 years of relevant technical experience in similar environment
• Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems or Computer Science
• Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing
• Experience analyzing business or technical problems and proposing and implementing solutions

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Getting There From Here: A Roadmap for IoT Adaption

                   Last week HP announced that it plans to provide companies with personal computers and other devices as a service. Business customers of HP will pay a fixed monthly fee per employee for computing equipment which will eliminate the need to pay up front for hardware, and thereby reduce the capital spending. With in-built monitoring capabilities in the devices, HP is likely to provide preemptive maintenance services: for instance, providing a replacement battery before older ones wear out. According to Patrick Moorhead at Moor Insights & Strategy, analytical capabilities are key elements of HP’s plans. That is what is going to separate HP from existing leasing and services offerings in the market.
                    This is just the beginning of the PC as a service. But it will be a while before we get to full consumption based pricing like what Rolls Royce pioneered in aircraft engines – charge customers per flying hour of the engine. Outcome-based monetization is a massive paradigm shift. And if the established players are not embracing the change and overturning established industry structures, then some Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurial technology company will. The incumbents have to be prepared to go through a gut wrenching business model and operating model transformation, or else they are like to be marginalized. Are you ready? What can you do today?
                    Connect. The basic starting point is connected products that generate alerts and notifications based on sensor readings. More advanced operations allow remote operations using sensors. So the first step is to build smart widgets. Depending upon your business, you may want to complement the sensor data with contextual information from third party sources. For instance, weather information if you are a refrigerator manufacturer. For most transactions-oriented widget manufacturers, justifying incremental cost of connectivity and monetizing the connectivity services is clearly a big challenge.
                    Analyze. Next step is to have tools, acquire skills and establish processes to store and analyze the data you are gathering. Both Microsoft Azure and Amazon’s AWS provide excellent cost effective tools and services for organizations to quickly get going with analytics. Because of lack organization capabilities, most mid-market companies are struggling to cross this hurdle.
                    The next two stages are a natural evolution – Discover and Disrupt. Discover something not just about your widget but about its users and usage. From this insight, you may be able to have a Disruptive offering that will fundamentally transform the entire ecosystem of your industry. But in order to get there, you have to take the first step today, and that is Connect. You do not have a choice. Because software is eating the world!
                    Developing IoT solutions leading to outcome based pricing often requires capabilities that most organization do not possess. We at Cloud 9 have been working with a number of clients in helping them with building their analytical capability and accelerating their move to IoT. Should you be interested, please give us call, and see what we can do for you.
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